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Dacula Emergency AC Repair

Your Local Air Conditioning Repair Experts in Dacula, GA

With humid Georgia weather, having a well-functioning AC unit is highly important, which is why each of our HVAC technicians is thoroughly trained to quickly and efficiently handle emergency AC repairs near Dacula, GA.

You can count on our skilled team for a fast response and effective repairs. Contact us today to get started!

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Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Specialists in Dacula, GA

When temperatures soar outside, you depend on your AC to keep you cool and comfortable. When it goes out, the only thing on your mind is getting it quickly repaired. We understand your dilemma and desire for the unit to produce cool air. It’s why you can depend on our team at Service First to get your AC system back on track.

Whenever you need our team to get your AC cooling again, you just need to give us a call!

Common Air Conditioner Repair Problems

When you run into trouble with your AC, there are a few common culprits.

Indoor and Outdoor Water Leaks

It’s time to make a maintenance call when your indoor AC unit starts leaking. It may indicate a clogged condensation drain. This is often the result of algae or fungus building up in the pipe. You may also be dealing with a broken condensation pipe.

Puddles forming underneath and around your air conditioning unit can indicate its time for an emergency AC repair. Ignoring the problem can make the issue worse.

Outdoor water leaks are often caused by a bad seal, poor installation, broken condensation pans, or an overly dry air filter.

Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant, also known as Freon, is responsible for cooling the air coming from the vents. It is one of the most common problems in Dacula, GA.

Your AC works harder to meet the thermostat’s temperature settings, increasing electrical bills. It can also place additional stress on the air conditioning unit.

The best solution is to contact an AC specialist to thoroughly inspect the unit.

Capacitor Failure

Air conditioners have multiple working parts, and any can give out, requiring an emergency repair. One critical part is the capacitor. It’s what gives the motor the necessary push to turn on.

When your air conditioner is constantly turning on and off and making a clicking sound, it’s an indication there is a problem with the capacitor.

Some of the reasons your capacitor may be on the fritz are due to extreme heat. It can cause the capacitor to work harder than usual, adding wear and tear. Frequently changing your thermostat settings can also damage the part.

Clogged or Dirty Air Filters

The air filter prevents dust and allergens from entering your home. Clogged or dirty air filters not only allow pollutants to pass through the filter but also causes the AC to work harder.

It’s recommended you change the air filters every two months during the summer. This is typically the time your AC is working hardest.

Keeping up with air filter maintenance can help prevent many other problems you may face with your AC.

When to Call for AC Repair Service

When you notice your air conditioner’s performance is less than stellar, avoiding the problem is a good idea.

The professionals at Service First will arrive quickly and on time to thoroughly inspect and correctly diagnose your air conditioner problem. We will check every component of your AC unit, including the air filters, before working out a fast and efficient repair strategy.

Is your AC acting up? Call Service First HVAC pronto!

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Our Customers Think
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Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Dacula, GA

Service First is a family and veteran-owned company with over 20 years of industry-leading experience. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and honest pricing backed by our quality guarantee.

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