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Northeast Metro Atlanta Furnace Replacement

Expert Furnace Installation Services Throughout Hall & Gwinnett Counties

When it’s time to replace your furnace, the expert technicians at Service First HVAC are the ones to call. With over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to get you set up with a heating system that’s perfect for your home, needs, and budget. We install high-efficiency Carrier furnaces that will help you save money on your utility bills and improve your indoor air quality.

Call Service First HVAC at (770) 965-5506 or contact us online for dependable furnace replacement services. 

When to Replace Your Furnace

Did you know putting off replacing an old furnace that works inefficiently is actually costing you tons of money on wasted energy? If your furnace is more than 10 years old, it’s likely time to look into your replacement options. 

Here are a few additional signs that your furnace may need to be replaced soon:

Some of the issues mentioned here could indicate that your furnace simply requires repairs, which we would be more than happy to quickly resolve for you. Alternatively, if a thorough inspection reveals that replacing your furnace is the more cost-effective option, we’re ready to help you understand your options and ensure your new system gets installed correctly. 

Can I Replace My Furnace on My Own?

If you’re like most people, you like to take advantage of any opportunity there is to save money. Perhaps you’re considering handling your furnace replacement on your own. While you can technically do this, we wouldn’t advise it. The furnace installation process can be complicated and often requires advanced technical knowledge to ensure the job is performed correctly. Since improper installation can result in several issues, such as costly repairs, decreased system lifespan, and even hazardous situations, we always recommend you leave your furnace replacement to an HVAC professional. Our experienced technicians will ensure your furnace is installed safely and properly the first time.

Our Customers Think
We’re Pretty Fly

Our Customers Think
We’re Pretty Fly

The Importance of Accurate Furnace Sizing

For many things in life, we’re led to believe that bigger is better. When it comes to a furnace, however, this is not necessarily true. A furnace that is too large for your property will make your system cycle on and off too frequently, which causes significant strain upon your system and drives up your utility bills. If your heating system is too small, it will also perform inefficiently and fail to heat your home to the desired temperature.   

At Service First HVAC, we take our time calculating the proper heat load for your home or business. We’ll help you choose a furnace that sufficiently heats your space and reduces energy consumption. For more information about the importance of a proper heat load calculation, reach out to our HVAC specialists today. 

Ready for furnace replacement in Buford, GA? Call (770) 965-5506 or reach out online to schedule a free estimate with one of our professionals!

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